• Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is rather long and comes in 4 separate parts or movements.  The popular music theme “Ode To Joy” is in the 4th Movement at the very end and is usually sung by a large chorus.   The lyrics to the famous 9th Symphony theme are in part taken from Frederich von Schiller’s  poem“Ode To Joy” written in 1785. 
  • Symphony #9 was Beethoven’s last Symphony, unfortunately Beethoven was almost totally deaf by the time of it’s performance in 1824.   
  • The OSFABB arrangement here does not include the lyrics because the arrangement is meant to be used primarily as a recessional for graduation. 
  • For more on Beethoven’s Symphony #9 go to:  Wikipedia.  


  1. Key Change at measure 25
  2. On the repeat don’t forget to go back to the original key.
  3. Two Optional endings: Measure 20 and Measure 40.  So you don’t have to keep playing after everyone has left.


You can Download this MP3 of “Ode To Joy” for you to practice with or for your Graduating Class to practice with.

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["Ode to Joy"]
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  • Find your Instrument in one of the colored boxes.
  • Click on the box and the music for your instrument will pop-up.
  • NOTE:  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to see, download, and print out the music.