“Solo” (measure 3):  One person plays.

“Tutti” (measure11);  Everyone plays.

Solo Opportunities:  Because “Skip To My Lou” has several verses, a different soloist(one person) could play the verse each time and then everyone (Tutti) in the band could play the Chorus.

Measure #11: “Chorus” - When a song has several verses the Chorus is a section of the song that is repeated the same way each time the song is repeated.  The “Chorus” and the “Refrain” of a song are the same thing.

Try to change the rhythm to fit the words of each verse. (measure 3):

In Verse 1 the rhythm that goes with the words is this:

skip to my lou verse 1a

In Verse 2 the rhythm that goes with the words Change to this:

skip to my lou verse 2

“Skip To My Lou”   MP3

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