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Swing 8th notes

Basically:  All 8th note combinations are played like a Quarter note/8th note Triplet combination.

Like This:

swing - Copy

The Swing 8th Note also applies to 8th notes that are tied to another note....  like this:

syn tie


In music, to improvise is to make it up as you go along.  As you are making the music up as you go along the “Suggested Notes” (measure 27) are notes to use so you can stay in context (play notes that fit with the songs basic harmony).  They’re really not any wrong notes in jazz improvisation.  If  it’s what you wanted to do it’s right.  However, to start with play all whole or half notes picking different notes from the “Suggested Notes“.  See how they sounds and feels.  Next use a simple jazzy rhythm with the notes you like best.

Jazz Improvisation is really like a spoken language; if you get the notes in a special order it makes music sense.


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  • Find your Instrument in one of the colored boxes.
  • Click on the box and the music for your instrument will pop-up.
  • NOTE:  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to see, download, and print out the music.