“Londonderry Aire” or (as it is sometimes known) “Danny Boy” is  one of the most famous of the Irish Ballads.  The words were written by Frederick Weatherly The music was written by: ???                                               For more information on the origins of the music and facts about “Londonderry Aire” and “Danny Boy”  go to: www.standingstones.com/danny3.html


  1. It should not be too slow as it will make playing the long notes difficult. 
  2. legato: means to play the notes with almost no space in-between.  Instead of saying “to” on each note try saying “do”.  It will make it sound smoother.
  3. BASS and PERCUSSION Parts:    Watch out for the: play 2nd X only (that means to play on the repeat only) in measure #1 and then the:  play both X’s (means to play both times) at measure #5.


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  • Find your Instrument in one of the colored boxes.
  • Click on the box and the music for your instrument will pop-up.
  • NOTE:  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to see, download, and print out the music.