“Habanera” is a fun way to learn and use the Chromatic Scale(at least the going down part).  The Melody has been used in several TV commercials, cartoons, and countless films;  you’ll recognize it right away.


Don’t forget the old rule: “The accidental carries through the measure.”  For example:    In measure 7 of the melody part  the first note has a flat on it.  Using the old accidental rule that means that notes 3, 5 and 7 (because they are on the same line or space as note #1) are also flat notes. Also, in measure 11 note #2 is flat. That means that note #6 is also a flat. 

A flat, sharp or natural sign in parentheses (   ) means that the flat, sharp or natural is already in the key signature   But if you had been playing an accidental on that note for a while it’s a courtesy reminder that you now need to play that note according to the key signature.  For example:  In measure 16 of the melody part the first note has a natural sigh in parentheses (   ).  In measure 7 you had been playing a flat there and maybe you got use to it and thought maybe that’s how it was going to be for the whole song.  The parentheses (   ) is a reminder that the note is a natural note in the key signature.


cantabile (measure 4):  In a singing style.

legato (measure 21):  play the notes with almost no space in between but not slurred.  Say “do” instead of “to” when tonguing the notes.

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  • NOTE:  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to see, download, and print out the music.