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  • Be careful with the Accidental in the Harmony part in measures 11.  remember in measure 12 note #2 reverts back to original note that goes with the key signature.  .
  • Mid Measure Repeat:  Sometimes a phrase of music or a verse of music does not fit neatly into the measures.  To keep the verses straight the repeat sometimes goes in the middle of the measure.  Here the return repeat is on count 4 of measure 3 and the repeat is after count 3 measure 22.  You just have to put those two measures together to make a full measure with all 4 counts.
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  • Find your Instrument in one of the colored boxes.
  • Click on the box and the music for your instrument will pop-up.
  • NOTE:  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to see, download, and print out the music.