• The “Bridal Chorus”  which we know as “Here Comes the Bride” is from Richard Wagner’s Opera “Lohengrin” written in 1848.  In  the Opera the “Bridal Chorus” is sung as the heroine Elsa and the hero Lohengrin (who turns out to be the Knight of the Holy Grail) enter the bridal chamber after the wedding. In modern day weddings the “Bridal Chorus” is normally used as a processional for the bride at the beginning of the wedding.
  • This OSFABB arrangement is simplified and leaves out 16 measures in the middle of the piece to make it playable by less experienced players.
  • If the notes seem too high or to low for you play the itty bitty notes; they work just as well.
  • Tiny Notes in measure 15 are called Grace Notes.  They are to be played quickly just before the note they are attached to.  Or you can leave them out.
  • To play this rhythm right:

(Dotted Eight & Sixteenth)

dotted8 16

Think of it like this:

(4 Sixteenths with the first 3 tied.)

4 16 tie 3
dotted8 16


4 16 tie 3


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